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PRVCF’s Ground-Breaking BioTech could make it the Next BIG Canadian Cannabis Play! See why…

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As the Canadian Marijuana Sector steamrolls into October 17 – the day Legal Recreational Cannabis becomes available for sale –  Cannabis Stocks are heating up as they scramble to prepare for what will become a MULTI-BIL DOLLAR Industry.

As you already know, last month, Canada became only the second country in the World to Legalize Recreational Marijuana on a National scale!

THE IMPACT OF THIS CAN NOT BE UNDERSTATED. Canada’s legalization is among the Biggest Events in the HISTORY of the Cannabis Sector.

This is a the type of situation that could turn Cannabis Growers into Powerful BIL-Dollar Corporations — seemingly overnight!

And that’s why Today we continue our focus on unique CANADIAN Cannabis companies who are now in the position to capitalize off of this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME Event.

One such Biotech Company trading at a mere 3 CENTS is developing therapies to combat diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, and other cardiovascular/infectious diseases through unique treatments that utilize CBD (Cannabidiol) and…believe it or not, Scorpion Venom!

Intrigued?  Well let’s begin!


PRVCF gives investors a distinctive opportunity at both the Biotech AND the Canadian Medical Marijuana Industry!

PreveCeutical Medical Inc., is a Bio-tech Company that develops innovative medical options.  Utilizing organic and Nature Identical Products.

The Company has entered the Cannabis Space through strategic partnerships and with Global Cannabis Market leaders.

PRVCF is certainly no stranger to Big Rallies!  Just last May, it staged a 1,550%+ move from .012 to highs of .20!

Since then, PRVCF’s chart has hit 52 Week Lows, developing a Descending Triangle Breakout Pattern, nearing it’s zenith.

With many of the company’s upcoming developments to factor in, could PRVCF stage another Epic Breakout of this Triangle Pattern and rally back to past highs and beyond?

So what’s the Upside Potential?  A return to PRVCF’s 52 Week Highs of .20 would yield up to 463% GAINS from these low 3 CENT prices!

PRVCF’s story began in 2015 with the intent of introducing preventive and curative therapies and products to promote good health and wellness.

They were soon introduced to a therapy which included a unique polarized Scorpion Venom Treatment which was developed by Dr. Arthur Mikaelian.

It has long been believed that this venom has properties to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and improve sleep quality and immune-system response. The peptides in Scorpion Venom are now being researched to combat illnesses like Cancer. Learn more with the video below:

Soon after, PRVCF inked an agreement for the exclusive worldwide right to manufacture and distribute the Blue Scorpion Venom product under the trade name CELLB9®, which is being marketed and sold by them.

In 2017, PRVCF officially entered the Medical Marijuana space by partnering with the University of Queensland, Australia to develop soluble gel to deliver CBD (cannabinoids) directly to the brain via the nasal cavity.  Sol-gel was born.

So let’s take a look at the different and potentially Game-Changing R&D Divisions of PRVCF….


Nature Identical:
Nature Identical™ Peptides from the Caribbean Blue Scorpion Venom to Assist with Cancer-Targeted Treatment

PRVCF plans to identify active peptides from Caribbean Blue Scorpion Venom that provide immune boosting, pain relieving, and Cancer tumour selective properties, and then test what happens when used on various abnormal cells like brain, lung and breast cancers.

PRVCF and their partner Uniquest, are currently screening peptides isolated from Caribbean Blue Scorpion venom across some of the most aggressive diseases where there exists unmet clinical need, such as cancer.

There are numerous research papers in the public domain which show the anecdotal findings and efficacy of venom peptides taken through the proven route of administration on cancerous cells/tumours.

The initial focus will be on targeting a very aggressive form of brain cancer (glioma). From there, the plan is to extend the program to screen their library of nature identical peptides in a high throughput screening (HTS) manner across a range of other cancers.

A Preclinical Research and Development program is now underway that consists of three distinct phases.

Phase One involves one-dimensional gel electrophoresis (“1DE”) to first identify scorpion venom-based peptides/proteins based on their size (KDa). [Read More]

Within Phase 1, PRVCF has already Successfully Separated several target Scorpion Venom-derived peptides and proteins!

Ultimately, this process is expected to enable PRVCF to generate Nature IdenticalTM peptides.

CELLB9® Immune System Booster
PRVCF currently has one product available for sale, the CELLB9® Immune System Booster.

CELLB9® is an oral solution containing polarized and potentiated essential minerals extracted from a novel peptide obtained from Caribbean Blue Scorpion venom.

The active potentiated ingredients in the Blue Scorpion venom appear to support health at a deep cellular level, having been used for many years and in over 40 countries. The solution is colourless and odourless and can be administered orally.

When available, CELLB9® could even be purchased with BITCOIN!

Sol-gel represents PRVCF’s first venture into the Red-Hot Medical Marijuana Sector…and it could be potentially GROUND-BREAKING.

Through Sol-gel, the company plans to deliver Cannabinoids via a Nasal Spray using a proprietary formula.  This development would be the first sustained-release nose-to-brain delivery system of Cannabinoids, making these drugs universally patient friendly and able to be used in children and adults alike.

PRVCF is working to develop a nose to brain delivery system that could REVOLUTIONIZE the use of Cannabis in medical treatments!

The aim is to provide relief across a range of indications from pain, inflammation, seizures, and neurological disorders. Our proprietary nasal formulations will also be designed to be universally-patient friendly, meaning formulations that can be used in children and adults alike.

Sol-gels are taken via nasal administration and rapidly gel upon contact with mucosal tissue, which paves the way for direct nose-to-brain delivery – effectively bypassing the stomach and intestines.

Additionally, the gel stays in the nasal passages, slowly releasing the CBD while keeping it active for up to seven days. The ease of application and its long-lasting effects may be attractive for patients when compared to other delivery systems.

Given cannabis’s potential in tackling pain and neurological symptoms, many cannabis-based medicines are likely to target the brain.

With Sol-gel, PRVCF may be in a strong position to provide one of the most effective delivery systems for a growing class of drugs.

In fact, the company is currently working on a project to incorporate these cannabinoids into nasal sprays which can be used for pain management as a possible safe alternative to opiates!

Dual Gene Therapy Targeting Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity
“With diabetes, over-production of a particular protein molecule has been identified and purposed to be responsible for the key drivers of diabetes and obesity, starting patient on an inevitable journey of significant co-morbidity and increased rates of mortality.”

PRVCF’s gene-silencing technology would effectively “turn off” the genetic signal which leads to the over-production of this key protein molecule, bringing it back down to safe, normalized levels; this would in turn help our cells to absorb glucose, thus reducing blood sugar levels and prevent the body from storing excessive fat from our diet.

Thus gene-silencing does not represent a mere management for diabetes and obesity, it represents the potential for a bona fide cure or, in cases where patients have a pre-disposition to diabetes or are in the pre-diabetes state, it can be applied as a ‘PreveCeutical’ to halt progress to the full-blown disease. [Read More]

PRVCF strives to create low cost therapies to target the biggest global health problems.

And that’s why PRVCF’s entrance into the Cannabis research field is a BIG DEAL.

The company already has four other products in development with treatments ranging from cancer to pain management and sports related traumatic brain injuries.

PRVCF’s latest endeavor, the Sol-gel Cannabinoids delivery system can bolster treatment options with sustained release of up to SEVEN Days!

Check out this video of PRVCF’s
Chief Researcher discussing
Sol-gel and Cannabinoids here:

And now that PRVCF has obtained the three necessary permits issued by the Australian Government, the long anticipated development can begin.


The Drug Delivery Technology Market is MASSIVE and it is only growing, with expectations for it to be over $1.6 TRIL by 2021.

With the Opioid Crisis, alternative pain management solutions such as the use of a Sol-gel nose-to-brain delivery system can provide a safer alternative to opioids unlocking a $8.3 BIL Market (by 2024) while staying true to the company’s mission of solving Global Health issues.

PRVCF’s multiple partnerships with research centers and Cannabis providers also gives the company a tremendous strategic advantage in this market.

Needless to say, all of this could quite possibly lead to some serious Revenues for the company and a windfall in Gains for shareholders!


Aurora Cannabis is among the world’s most valuable Cannabis Firms with a market cap north of $5 BIL.  As part of the partnership deal, Aurora has a licensing contract with PRVCF to export dried Cannabis materials, as well as the option to shares in PRVCF.

“Nasal delivery of cannabinoids could potentially provide a safer and more reliable delivery platform with clinical benefits for pain, inflammation, seizures, and mental illness.” commented PreveCeutical Chairman and CEO, Stephen Van Deventer.

““We see an important market for cannabis-based products that are more narrowly targeted at specific therapeutic areas but that are higher value add and being involved with initiatives such as PreveCeutical’s is part of our strategy to gain access to these types of products,” said Terry Booth, CEO of Aurora.

By now it should be evident that PRVCF is capable of extraordinary things.

From it’s usage of Scorpion Venom as a both a Retail Pain Product and a potential therapeutic option in Cancer treatments to it’s potentially Ground Breaking Sol-gel CBD Nose-to-Brain delivery system….this is one company that truly has it’s eye on changing the Medical Landscape.

And yet, it still trades Under-the-Radar at a mere 3 CENTS!With a chart hinting at a Breakout move with a History of Big Recent Rallies, there may be no better time than NOW to consider PRVCF ahead of Canada’s Oct. 17th Cannabis Legalization Date.

Make sure you put PRVCF on your radar this week and Follow on Twitter for Updates + Play-by-Play!


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