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ATTBF brings the two Hottest Sectors: Cannabis & Crypto together! Breaking Acquisition News out! See below…

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Abattis Bioceuticals Corp.

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Today we revisit one of the most unique and diversified Cannabis companies on the market today!

In late 2017, the World stood in awe as Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies began soaring to astronomical heights with seemingly no end in sight.

Wall Street was forced to take notice — finally admitting that Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and it’s underlying Blockchain Technology could change Banking & Accounting forever.

Not to be outdone, the Legal Marijuana/Cannabis Sector has been running strong for 5+ years now with the best yet to come!

Just last month, Canada’s Historic Legalization of Recreational Marijuana changed the Global landscape of the Cannabis Sector forever by becoming only the second country – and first of the G7 – to Legalize on a National scale.

THE IMPACT OF THIS CAN NOT BE UNDERSTATED.  Simply put, Canada’s legalization is among the Biggest Events in the HISTORY of the Cannabis Sector. 

And there is already a shortage in supply due to overwhelming demand.  Canada’s cannabis industry is expected to surpass $22 BIL in size over the coming years, according to Deloitte, with over 140,000 registered medical marijuana patients today.

In the US, this month’s 2018 Midterm Elections brought 3 New States into the fold, including Michigan which legalized Recreational Marijuana.

And then there’s BioTech – which outpaced the market last year with 17% Growth, and Craft Beer – now representing over 12% of US Beer Market while Retail Sales grew by 10%.

So What do these four ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME Sector Booms have in Common?

They are all the focus of this week’s profile – ATTBF (Abattis Bioceuticals Corp)!


ATTBF is a life sciences and biotechnology company which aggregates, integrates and invests in cannabis technologies and biotechnology services for the legal cannabis industry developing in Canada.

ATTBF has successfully developed and licensed natural health products, medicines, extractions, and ingredients for the biologics, nutraceutical, bioceutical, and cosmetic markets. Heck, they’ve even developed a CBD-Based Sunscreen!

ATTBF has uniquely positioned itself to be a leading service provider in the Cannabis Industry by offering integrated solutions for Cannabis based and natural formulations, extracts and product development from concept to market delivery.

In fact, ATTBF has already developed over 150 custom formulations and continue to break new ground in testing standards, produced development and providing exclusive cannabinoid extracts and formulations for specific health and wellness issues.

The company accomplishes this through it’s multiple subsidiaries including:

Vergence Naturals™ is is a team of nutraceutical marketing and brand specialists operating as the bioceutical branding, marketing and sales arm of ATTBF, focused on health products to penetrate the fast-growing market for safe and effective natural products that meet unmet wellness needs. Its key products are geared towards natural cannabinoid enhanced goods.

In August, ATTBF announced plans to launch a new line of products designed to alleviate pain and inflammation with the first being called, “Comfort”, through it’s Vergence subsidiary – planned for release THIS WEEK!

The market for this is tremendous.  According to the Industry of Medicine, more than 100 MIL people suffer from this, creating a market of $4.2 BIL in 2017, according to Nielsen Company.

Other Vergence products found on thier website include Hemp Hydrate Water, PlanetHemp hemp seeds & oil, Mogania Coffee, Liverite, and more.

ATTBF’s Vergence Naturals subsidiary is key to the company’s distribution model. With an established network of retail distribution, Vergence plays a large role in monetizing the company’s expanding product line.

Last Spring, we first reported ATTBF’s move to Acquire the Gabriola Green Farms – a LICENSED Producer Applicant.

Today, ATTBF has 100% interest in Gabriola and has integrated it into a wholly-owned subsidiary making them a full-service Cannabis Company!

With Gabriola, ATTBF currently has plans for an approximately 26,000 square-foot production facility to produce medical-grade marijuana located on 18 acres in the agricultural land reserve on Gabriola Island, BC. [Read More]

The Facility will be a state-of-the-art facility with proposed growing, extraction and propagation areas and a genetics lab.

“Once we receive our license through Gabriola and complete construction of the Facility, we will have a large-scale platform from which to cultivate marijuana and produce and sell extracted cannabis products,” added CEO Rob Abenante.

Vaping is another Hot Industry that ATTBF is tackling head on.

According to the CDC, there are more than 9 MIL vape users in the US and at least 20 MIL worldwide, replacing traditional cigarettes & tobacco products, making it a growing $3.7 BIL Market.

ATTBF inked a Definitive Agreement to Acquire Green Tree Therapeutics, giving them access to the company’s popular line of Vaporizers, already sold across North America.

Last month, the company launched 3 New Abattis-branded Vaporizers that are now available for purchase online via!

Products within the Green Tree brand will made available through ATTBF’s wholly-owned subsidiary Vergence Naturals Ltd.

Eventually, through Gabriola’s pending license to produce, ATTBF will be able to load its vaporizer line with its own cannabinoid formulations and sell directly to consumers.

ATTBF announced a landmark partnership with Faculty Brewing to develop a line of cannabinoid-rich, hemp-infused, THC-free CRAFT BEERS!

ATTBF is collaborating with Northern Vine Labs, who has been contracted to provide the cannabinoid-rich, THC-free, hemp extract and to carry out research, development and analytical testing related to the formulation of a unique hemp- and cannabis-infused beer.

“By aiming to develop a line of functional beers, each based on a different type of hemp extract, we hope to have a product that is compliant and market-ready as soon as Health Canada releases its new regulatory framework for hemp and cannabis-infused beverages,”

But that’s just the tip of the iceburg.

While Vaporizers and Beer are enough to get anyone excited, ATTBF’s next move could be it’s most interesting proposition yet….

Cannabis + Crypto.  The two single HOTTEST Sectors of the Market right now.

ATTBF is now merging the two together, and the windfall could be tremendous.

On Feb 1, the company announced the Acquisition of a 49% Stake in CannaNUMUS Blockchain Inc. – developers of a cryptocurrency which will represent the performance of a suite of portfolio cannabis companies.

With a 49% equity stake in this blockchain platform, Abattis could see a significant upside from any CannaNUMUS liquidity event, like an ICO!

Yes, there are already Marijuana-based CryptoCurrencies.  And while none are especially noteworthy, it’s worth mentioning that CANN (CannabisCoin) had seen 20,000%+ GAINS and once boasted upwards of a $5.5 MIL Market Cap, POT (PotCoin) had seen 3,300%+ GAINS and saw it’s market cap rise over $35 MIL, and THC (HempCoin) had seen a monstrous 114,000%+ Gain with a previously $28 MIL Market Cap!

Needless to say, ATTBF is in good company!

In fact, ATTBF has already hit two major milestones with it’s burgeoning Cryptocurrency by bringing
two Cannabis companies, Active Health Products Inc. and Gabriola Green Farms into it’s Blockchain portfolio.

And as of just last week…..

Hot off the presses as of just last week, ATTBF has added yet *another* branch to it’s already incredibly diverse portfolio….

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Abattis Bioceuticals Corp  is pleased to announce that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of Select Strains Inc.

Select Strains has almost two decades of experience within the cannabis space, specifically within the fields of cannabis testing, research, cultivation and optimization of proprietary seeds and strains.

With a portfolio of over 140 laboratory-tested craft cannabis strains, Select Strains will allow for the continued differentiation of the Abattis brand, leveraging unique craft strains in an increasingly generic, highly competitive and standardised cannabis market….

….With the addition of Select Strains, Abattis will furthermore have access to the vast collection of genetics and top ranked strains from around the world. Abattis plans to deploy Select Strains’ premium genetic strains and seed bank capabilities to its cannabis operations in Canada.  [Read more]

This acquisition will give Abattis the ability to provide highly coveted cannabis flower through it’s late-stage ACMPR Licensed Producer, Gabriola Green Farms – which is set to receive its LP in early-to-mid 2019.

“This recent acquisition of Select Strains positions the Company advantageously and allows Abattis to gain access to multiple revenue streams through Select Strains’ unique genetics catalogues, including the licensing of premium genetic strains and seeds, clone fulfillment services, tissue culture and strain patenting services,” stated Patrick Mitchell, COO of Abattis.


You may recall that ATTBF had a significant interest in Northen Vine Labs to produce, among many things, cannabis derivatives, formulations, and even CBD-Infused Beer.  And while those ventures will continue, the company has agreed to sell it’s interest in this small outfit for a multi-million dollar sum in order to scale up in a BIG way with it’s next venture….

Last Summer, ATTBF inked a deal to Invest in XLABS Therapeutics in Ontario and will soon begin the build out of a proposed 320,000 SQ FT Lab Facility!

This Facility has been deemed suitable for use as a medical cannabis research facility under Health Canada’s Narcotic Control Regulations and now gives ATTBF a major footprint in the Canada’s largest Province, home to 40% of the population + 60 of the 112 approved Licensed Cannabis Producers.

The joint venture is intended to create an extraction, purification, formulation, and production giant in the heart of Canada’s population and LP center.

“Our partnership with XLABS marks another significant milestone for Abattis,” stated Rob Abenante, President and CEO of Abattis.

“….we are looking to aggressively expand our service offerings with the Belleville Facility, including through key services such as industrial scale extraction,”

Last month, ATTBF took steps to sure up their systems by partnering with Blockchain Tech company – BLOCKSTRAIN TECHNOLOGY CORP.

Blockstraing will help ATTBF keep track of product development history, sales, testing results, and similar data while providing completely reliable records to the satisfaction of regulators and customers alike, and saving the company time and money by streamlining Abattis’ processes.

ATTBF recently announced a Phase 1 Update regarding it’s research study partnership with the University of British Columbia and Mitacs to explore the development of nanoemulsified and liposomal platforms for transmucosal delivery of cannabinoid-rich hemp oil.

“Our research will help develop stable, encapsulated hemp-oil formulations for delivering the medicinal ingredients of cannabis orally, without the harmful effects of smoking. Stable hemp extracts, with tailored profiles of cannabinoids and terpenes, could be used for targeted treatment of patients and help them lead a healthier lifestyle,”

ATTBF is “confident that its Research and Development strategy is an integral part of the company’s planned future line of white-label use and in-house products.”

“Abattis is very pleased with Phase 1 results so far and is on track to begin Phase 2 of 4 in the near future. I’m excited to be working with premiere scientists from UBC, and in the University’s first-class cell-culture research facility,” said Rob Abenante, President and CEO of Abattis.

ATTBF has certainly been busy with a plethora of big developments still in the pipeline.

This company represents a unique opportunity that marries both the Cryptocurrency and Cannabis industries – two of the Hottest Industries of the new millennium.

With a nearly 50% stake in a new Cannabis Cryptocurrency, the company may be well positioned to take advantage of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and generate value for its shareholders.

And with initiatives in Cannabinoid-Infused Beer, it’s Vaporizer & “Comfort” nutraceutical product launches, it’s core business of Cannabis Lab Testing, Product Development, it’s brand new Acquisition of Select Strains, and eventually becoming a Licensed Producer —  ATTBF is truly a the “Jack of All Trades” of the Cannabis Sector!

With much to look forward to, make sure you put ATTBF on your screen RIGHT NOW and Follow on Twitter for Updates + Play-by-Play!



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