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Today presents a unique opportunity at a potential BLOCKBUSTER Healthcare play, brand new to the markets as of September, with Celebrity-backing, Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology….and still at the literal GROUND FLOOR!

But first, lets talk about Mental Health.

Since the Global Pandemic began, the topic of Mental Healthcare has certainly become a louder discussion and the long-term effects — especially to children growing up in it — are still unknown.

Nearly 8 in 10 adults (78%) say the coronavirus pandemic is a significant source of stress in their life.

Fortunately, modern technology has a created a digital health space in the form of mobile applications that can be utilized by children and adults of all-ages to get ahead of mental health issues.

Some call it “PREDICTIVE HEALTHCARE” — and it’s taking the Health Sector by storm!!

Apps today have become critical tools in helping people take care of their mental health. So it’s no surprise that the global mHealth apps market size is expected to reach USD $310 billion by 2027.

Nick Jonas

Capitalizing on this rapidly growing market is a company already featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC and endorsed by major athletes like Michael Phelps and global pop icon Nick Jonas…..


Nurosene Health Inc. (OTC: MNNDF) provides individuals with tools and technology that empower them to take control of their mental wellness.

The company’s mission is to build the next generation of better, healthier brains by leveraging technological advancements in AI and delivering these solutions via their cutting-edge mobile app – Nuro – now available on the Apple App Store & Google Play!


As mental healthcare needs escalate, MNNDF could be poised to become a dominant leader in providing better brain health to potentially millions of people.

This is a rising niche arena that is still virtually unrecognized… mHealth apps may become the future of helping people with their mental health and brain health and MNNDF is an emerging player that could catapult to the frontline!

So with so much to look forward to from this potential rising Health Tech star, let’s take a look at it’s current GROUND FLOOR Chart potential….

MNNDF is as true of a “Ground Floor” IPO-Style situation as it gets!

Brand new to the US Markets as of just late September, MNNDF has already seen TWO Bull Rallies, reaching All-Time Highs of 1.61 as recently as *last week*!

Since then, MNNDF has seen a rapid decline – perhaps *too rapid* – dipping into “Oversold” RSI Territory and presenting traders with a potential BOUNCE/SHORT SQUEEZE play!


MNNDF is now at it’s cheapest price to date since debuting on the US Markets 2 months ago!!

Keep in mind, a breach of the All-Time High of 1.61 would not only garner up to 40% GAINS, but send this into “BLUE SKIES TERRITORY” with no upper chart resistance!

So what could prompt such a move? Read on….

MNNDF is committed to providing tools and technology that empower individuals to take control of and enhance their mental wellness. Their mission is to build the next generation of better, healthier brains.

Company Milestones

🟢 Listed on Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE: MEND), Frankfurt Exchange (Frankfurt: 8TV), OTC (OTC: MNNDF)
🟢 Launched a performance based mobile application, on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
🟢 Total capital raised to date $11.9M CAD
🟢 Completed acquisition of leading AI company Netramark
🟢 Nuro Pro pilot project underway featuring 200 aspiring young athletes, including a neuro training program designed by Co-Founder Daniel Gallucci
🟢 Formed Mental Health Advisory Council featuring Olympian Michael Phelps
🟢 Developing infrastructure for passive data collection into the Nuro app, leveraging NetraAI technology to develop hypotheses correlated to mental health concern

There are 3 essential pillars for developing and maintaining a healthy brain: Blood flow/oxygen, glucose/sugar, and activation of neurological networks.

A healthy brain is essential for living a healthy life and MNNDF’s focus is to tackle the underlying issue behind many mental health related conditions, which is often correlated with poor brain health.

The Problem

People are affected by depression globally. More women are affected than men and depression is one of the main causes of disability worldwide.

People with mental disorders receive no treatment because of stigma, cost and accessibility.

The Opportunity

The global mHealth apps market size is expected to reach USD $310 billion by 2027. Benefits that improve lifestyle and treatment outcomes is one of the key factors driving the growth of this market.

At the heart of MNNDF is Netramark, an industry leading AI company that the company recently Acquired to collectively interpret data in a way that will disrupt traditional healthcare models.

“We made a recent acquisition of the AI company that is really powering the underlying foundation of Nurosene, and that company is called NetraMark,” shared Bath, adding that the acquisition will lead them into the areas of drug discovery lifecycle.

“There will be significant revenues coming from that in 2022.”

Ranj Bath, CEO

Netramark’s proprietary algorithms are ALREADY being used by pharmaceutical companies the world over!

NetraMark’s proprietary AI technology will power the company’s data-driven healthtech platform and enable a new era of PREDICTIVE HEALTHCARE that will evolve the company’s mission.

Utilizing this proprietary AI now coined NetraAI, this tech aims to optimize and take an IP ownership stake in the path to new drug development, accelerate clinical trials and redefine the landscape of how disorders are treated.

NetraAI utilizes a new paradigm of machine learning methods capable of seeing into complex patient populations, which allows its systems to determine patterning and extract actionable insights from even smallest amounts of data and to dig deeper in understanding human behavior.

Data is allowing us to build a holistic view of the health of our community, which will allow us to take early interventional steps that positively affect mental performance and even support the innovation of anti-aging therapeutics!

“NetraAI has demonstrated that it can transform data into powerful insights… It’s like having a robot scientist in the lab that teaches me things about different diseases. Our system is teaching us how to improve clinical trials and create novel drugs,” said Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Joseph Geraci.

And all this leads us to MNNDF’s groundbreaking and constantly evolving mobile app…

The methodology behind MNNDF’s mobile application is based on their 4×4™ model, which focuses on encouraging actionable strategies:
4 fundamentals (movement, brain, nutrition, and recovery) with solutions aimed at targeting 4 parts of the human body.

The Nuro app features:

  • Daily mental performance to help users gain the resiliency they need to excel through life.
  • Help users discover and introduce healthy habits into their daily routine.
  • Activities that are quick and efficient, focused on the value of brain health and how it supports overall physical health.
  • Goals to help users understand that micro-actions can lead to macro-results.

The Nuro app is continuously evolving to meet the needs of it’s community and amplify ongoing data collection.

“We’ve digitized the experience of seeing a neurologist and we’ve brought brain training and brain health exercises inside of an app, which is called the Nuro App.

The AI will then be able to start predicting specific mental health concerns and actually put you through recommendations for preventative actions.” 

Ranj Bath, CEO

MNNDF continuously strives to provide a more holistic picture of an individual’s mental health, including future integration with third-party technologies into Nuro that provide additional biomarkers, such as DNA and blood test data.

The company is working with partners to decipher and create actionable solutions to better support the community.

And since MNNDF has already received approval from Health Canada, a pathway to rebooting it’s nutraceutical supplement products developed with the aid of it’s NetraAI technology could be in the cards in the future!

Just yesterday, the company announced they have entered into a partnership with Ni2o, an Oxford University company with Brain Computer Interface Technology to Pioneer Research for Alzheimer’s and ALS!

According to this press release, Ni2o’s wireless Kiwi brain implant will leverage NetraAI’s patient maps and computational power to provide more precise treatment protocols for neurodegenerative diseases. Kiwi is capable of intervening with damaged brain tissue by using light and electrical impulses, and has already shown amazing potential to develop into a genuine therapeutic protocol.

Yep…you read that right! BRAIN IMPLANTS.

Let’s just say that the potential here for MNNDF is truly next-level!!

With superstars like Gold Medal Olympian Swimmer Michael Phelps, among other Sports stars, on the company’s advisory council and INVESTORS like pop star Nick Jonas putting real cash towards this company — MNNDF has a real shot of BURSTING into the mainstream conversation on mental health.

This is not just a company with Groundbreaking Health Technology and a cutting-edge effective Mobile App.

This is also a CAUSE stock. The type of stock that garners media attention, attracts private investment, and unites the investment community.  That alone creates a HUGE opportunity for MNNDF.


Yet, still at GROUND FLOOR levels with HUGE BOUNCE potential, MNNDF may be one of the biggest secrets to emerge in the rapidly growing mobile health, or mHealth space!

The company’s Nuro app could be revolutionary in helping people with their mental healthcare needs and allowing patients to keep track of their own health data in real time.

Needless to say, this is one company that MUST be on your radar in both the short AND long-term!

Make sure you put MNNDF on your screen RIGHT NOW and Follow on Twitter for Updates + Play-by-Play!



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