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SMPP is our New CBD Breakout Alert offering a “Ground Floor” Opportunity at this Booming Industry! Read why below…

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It’s time to dive back into the wild world of CBD!

By now most of you are aware just how HOT the CBD industry is becoming.

While THC-based Marijuana and it’s byproducts are yet to be legal nationwide, CBD is experiencing a renaissance after last year’s landmark Farm Bill removed Hemp as a Schedule I substance and reclassified it as an “agricultural commodity”.

So what that means is that CBD derived solely from Hemp is now Legal Nationwide!

Even former Kellogg President Paul Norman is betting big on the market….

“This market is going to grow four or five fold to $20+ billion dollars in consumer value over the next five years,” Norman tells Yahoo Finance.

“I believe, down the road, CBD will be widely available in all kinds of consumer products.”

This Week’s New Alert is among the newest companies to go public and is now poised to carve out a sizable slice of this Booming Industry making this a potential “GROUND FLOOR SITUATION”.


Strategic Management Opportunity (SMPP) is engaged in the business of acquiring farms, and producing the finest quality hemp in Colorado and other areas, creating incredibly efficacious raw full spectrum CBD oil for both bulk, CBD markets as well as refined individual creams, oils, lotions and ingestible for the individual consumer markets.

And all of that started with the Acquisition of Colorado-based US Cannaceuticals LLC who claims leases of 20 acres of land suited for growing Hemp!

As one would expect, the Street has already begun to take notice….

To say SMPP has had an Epic Run so far this Summer would be an understatement!

After about a year of dormancy, SMPP’s latest acquisition of US Cannaceuticals certainly lit a fire under this rocket as it surged from lows of .041 to highs of 1.10 – a jaw-dropping 2,583% GAIN!

And this could still just be getting started!!

SMPP’s chart has now found itself in the midst of a Triangle BREAKOUT Pattern!

We’ll be watching for a break of the upper trend-line of this pattern to confirm a New Bullish Trend.  From there – could a return to highs and beyond be in the cards?

To add fuel to this fire, respected Technical Analyst site,, currently gives SMPP a “BULLISH” Rating!  See HERE

So why is SMPP in the midst of this Epic Bull rally?  Let’s dig in further…

It all started back in February when SMPP announced it’s entry into the Hemp and CBD Industry!

As the company has filed and awaits it’s name change to Full Spectrum RX, Inc., CEO Peter Zompa, proclaimed his vision for the new venture:

”This is a first step in establishing what we hoped to be a robust and aggressive player in the CBD sector,”

”Full spectrum CBD is still an untapped market, and as research continues, it is our belief that there will be health and therapeutic benefits, currently unknown. This is an exciting time, and we are thrilled to enter this explosive category,”


Essentially, SMPP’s mission is to deliver clinically-studied full spectrum CBD from seed to store shelves in a variety of delivery systems to an emerging market of consumers in pain conditions ranging from joint and arthritis to more acute pains stemming from all kinds of diseases and surgeries.

With SMPP taking a vertically-integrated approach, the company can not only prosper for their own sales and growth….but also serve those smaller, boutique and specialized companies who want the best CBD, but don’t have the capabilities of controlling all facets of the supply chains.

In fact, the company currently offers one of the widest selections of efficacious full spectrum CBD products for various end users in the US after procuring $1.3 MIL in CBD raw materials last May!

These raw materials include gels, ointments, pain creams, oils, balms, gummies and crude.

Many of SMPP’s premiere products are also available to purchase on their website HERE:

In addition, SMPP endeavors to acquire and/or merge with exciting and cutting edge companies that can help bring shareholder value and employ it’s team of executives who can move our company well into the 21st century and beyond.

As noted above, one such BLOCKBUSTER ACQUISITION was US Cannaceuticals LLC in February…

Sure to be the centerpiece of SMPP for the foreseeable future, U.S. Canniceuticals currently leases 20 acres of soil-rich land in Colorado known to grow some of the finest quality hemp in the region.

SMPP will begin growing operations in the very near future in an effort to become one of the great providers of Full Spectrum CBD in the country.

The company has already mentioned they have identified and are negotiating the purchase of 20,000 hemp clones, and have had initial discussions to house a greenhouse immediately to provide incubation of the young plants prior to formal harvesting.

“This is a win for both companies,”

“We couldn’t ask for a more dedicated and motivated partner and look forward to witnessing and participating in the growth and progress I believe is destined to come.”


And now, to beef up the company’s marketing arm, SMPP announced the launch of “It’s a Cannabis World” – a cross-promotional Podcast!

“This podcast is something i truly believe will both enlighten our audience as to make the many benefits of both Full spectrum CBD as well as legalized Marijuana, all while entertaining people so that it keeps them coming back for more. We plan on bringing all guests from all walks of life who have experienced the benefits of CBD, and have an interesting and valuable perspective worth sharing.”

This podcast also offers a tremendous chance for cross promotion and marketing of SMPP’s products.  [Read More]

There’s no doubt that SMPP is making every effort to emerge as a leader in the CBD/Hemp space.

It’s truly a rare thing to see a company hit the ground running this quickly! And that’s what makes this “Ground Floor” Situation so enticing.

So could SMPP Breakout once again to New Highs this week?

Make sure you put it on your screen RIGHT NOW!


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