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PRED could be the Biggest Biotech Game-Changer on the Market as it plans to UPLIST to the NASDAQ!


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Today we venture back into the BioTech space with a play truly unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Rarely do you find a company of this esteem and Revenue Growth trading on the Penny Markets…the Pink Sheets no less!  But all that could be about to change….


Predictive Technology Group (PRED) aims to revolutionize patient care through predictive data analytics, novel gene-based diagnostics and companion therapeutics through its subsidiaries Predictive Therapeutics, Predictive Biotech, and Predictive Laboratories.

The focus here is on illnesses like endometriosis, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, and human cell and tissue products.

The company aims to use genetic and other information as cornerstones in the development of new diagnostics that assess a person’s risk of illness and therapeutic products designed to identify, prevent and treat diseases more effectively.

Now if that’s a moutful, well….we’ll explain later in this profile. But what you SHOULD know is that there’s BIG Money in this space…and PRED is already taking a nice chunk of it!

According to Allied Market Research, The Global Genetic Testing Market was valued at $7.5 BIL in 2017 and is projected to reach $17 BIL by 2025, growing at a rate of 11.3% from 2018 to 2025.

To say PRED has had a few good years lately is an absolute understatement!

This is a company that saw a 543% INCREASE IN REVENUES in 2018 over 2017 with $16.6 MIL!  But it gets better….

Looking at the first 3 reported Quarters of 2019, this company has already nearly DOUBLED 2018 Revenues and on pace to hit $40+ MIL!!

Bradley Robinson, CEO of Predictive Technology Group noted, “Revenue for the first nine months of fiscal 2019 exceeded $30 million, up 217% over the year-ago period, and we generated $3.1 million in cash flow from operations.

And if that’s not enough, respected Analysts, Zacks Small Cap Research recently gave PRED a Price Target of 8.00 – a 73% GAIN from the current price – while estimating strong Revenues for  years to come!

2018 Full Year Actual – $16.6M
2019 Full Year Estimate – $42M
2020 Full Year Estimate – $66.7M
2021 Full Year Estimate – $97.2M
Source: Zacks

So it’s no wonder why this company has already submitted their application to UPLIST to the NASDAQ Exchange!

No doubt the lucrative and groundbreaking prospects of PRED have attracted a who’s who of powerful executives from Pharma Giants like Pfizer and Quest Diagnostics to join the company’s Board.

In fact, former Senator Orrin Hatch, among the most respected and longest serving US Republican Senators has joined PRED’s Board as well!

“I’m excited to join Predictive and support its mission of delivering needed personalized care to millions of individuals through the commercialization of industry-leading breakthroughs in both genetics and cellular therapy,” said Senator Hatch.

“Predictive’s approach to precision medicine holds the promise of offering tremendous relief to those suffering from chronic ailments and debilitating pain. I have witnessed the pain and suffering of endometriosis at a personal level as it has impacted my family. I look forward to working toward achieving the company’s goals.”

Bullish Breakout charts are RARELY this perfect..

After making it’s initial ascent back in February around .87, PRED has slowly creeped up to hit highs of 6.91 with a few peaks and vallys along the way.

Each time PRED had retraced to it’s upwards trend line (yellow line), it BOUNCED back to greater highs!  See below…

The timing could not be better here as PRED just recently hit trend line support once again. Could another Blue Skies Rally be near?

Along with Zacks, on it’s side is, who currently gives PRED a “BUY” RATING!

So what’s all the fuss about with PRED?  Read on….

Predictive Technology Group, Inc.’s (PRED) mission is to revolutionize the care of patients through novel gene-based diagnostics and companion therapeutics.

PRED has emerged as a leader in the use of data analytics for disease identification and subsequent therapeutic intervention through unique novel gene-based diagnostics, biotechnology treatments and companion therapeutics.

Both cellular therapy and genetic diagnostic tests are emerging areas in the health care space. For companies that can source, process and provide high quality medicines to the physicians who administer them, there is substantial opportunity. The same goes for genetic diagnostic tests that are developed and backed up by a genealogy database that can accelerate genetic discoveries.

Through its’ wholly-owned subsidiaries, Predictive Therapeutics and Predictive Biotech, the company focuses on four main clinical categories: Endometriosis, Scoliosis, Degenerative Disc Disease and Regenerative Human Cell and Tissue Products.

PRED’s ownership of a proprietary genealogy database with over 30 million individuals and greater than 300,000 DNA samples provides a valuable resource that can isolate genes that are implicated in disease and generate tests that are highly accurate.

In addition to Predictive Biotech’s efforts to advance regenerative medicine, PRED is committed to assisting women in overcoming the devastating consequences of endometriosis via appropriate early-stage diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

The company is currently collaborating on this with Thermo Fisher Diagnostics (NYSE: TMO) – a Billion Dollar NYSE traded company currently trading at just under $300./share!


Predictive Biotech – a leader in human cell and tissue products for use in regenerative medicine. A growing national network of clinics, health systems, researchers and physicians leverage the company’s four main placental-derived and Wharton’s jelly umbilical cord-derived products.

Human Tissue allograProducts include AmnioCyte, AmnioCyte Plus, PolyCyte, and CoreCyte. [Read More Here]

Predictive Laboratories – focuses on clinical and discovery work for human infertility and genetic conditions affecting women and children, such as endometriosis, scoliosis and degenerative disc disease.

Under this umbrella is ARTguide™ – the first, non-invasive, integrated test for endometriosis and genetic causes of infertility. Indicated for women, this test uses next-generation sequencers to examine critical genetic variables using a proprietary algorithm. ARTguide™ provides physicians with information that is essential when creating an accurate and personalized treatment plan.

Genetics play a major role in the body’s response to medications. PGxPLUS+™ helps healthcare providers prevent adverse drug reactions by providing genomic information that informs medication selection and dosing guidance.  It’s basically PERSONALIZED Medicine prescribed by YOU!

► CellSure – responsible for obtaining the source material for the cellular therapy segment which provides products derived from amniotic tissue and Wharton’s Jelly that are used by physicians in a variety of healing applications.

► Predictive Labs – created with the acquisition of Taueret Laboratories in March 2019. PL will launch genetic tests for endometriosis and degenerative disc disease in the coming quarters.

PRED’s revenues are generated exclusively in the self-pay market which allows for substantial flexibility in availability, pricing and distribution. The company is not required to conduct clinical trials for its cellular therapy products because they do not make efficacy claims.

However, for larger markets, such as the ones that exist for endometriosis and degenerative disc disease, an FDA-approved test provides the flexibility for broader acceptance and we anticipate PRED will pursue approval in these cases.

PRED’s commercialization strategy in cellular therapy boasts over 20 sales team members and over 75 distributors that will target the naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, orthopedists, anti-aging, and cosmetic medicine and other specialties that seek to treat pain without surgery.

PRED anticipates pursuing regulatory approval for specific indications in cellular therapy which will be guided by physicians treatment success with the current slate of products. The company is expected to pursue FDA clearance for diagnostic tests that are broadly used, such as the one intended for endometriosis.

PRED has identified a growth plan for each of its four segments.

Predictive Biotech will continue to grow Section 361 product, which does not make any efficacy claims while Predictive Therapeutics will pursue Section 351 products that require review and approval from the FDA.

CellSure will focus on procurement of tissue, optimizing cell yields and quality and offering storage services for new mothers. Predictive Laboratories, which was created and expanded through the acquisition of Taueret, will continue to develop and commercialize genetic diagnostic tests.

There’s no doubt that big developments are brewing for this exceptional BioTech company and it’s attracted everyone from big Pharma Executives to NYSE-traded companies to get involved!

As we said, RARELY do you find a company with such tremendous Revenue Growth, groundbreaking tech and products, and powerful BULLISH Chart on the Pink Sheets!

But the stars are aligning and PRED could now be destined for a NASDAQ Uplist which will bring a plethora of new eyes like investors and institutions to it’s stock!

But for right now, YOU still have the opportunity to check this breakthrough company out BEFORE this potentially happens!

Make sure you put PRED on your screen RIGHT NOW and Follow on Twitter for Updates + Play-by-Play!


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IPRU (Innovative Product Opportunities, Inc.) is our New Epic Pick!Last Trade: .0017  |  SEC Filings  |  Latest News

Begin your research at

Today we intend to close the month of March in a big way with what may be the most innovative Tech Sub-Pennies on the OTC markets today!

Touchscreen technology is no longer a “new thing”.  It’s everywhere from our smartphones and tablets to our laptop computers.  However, today’s alert is utilizing this technology in not only a unique and interactive way – but literally – in a BIG WAY. Introducing…IPRU!


IPRU has taken touch technology to the next level by successfully engaging consumers using much larger mediums such as floor screens, table tops and window displays.  The company currently claims resellers in 21 countries and names Disney, Sony, Guess and Mazda among some of their clients!

Sounds amazing right?  But equally amazing is IPRU’s incredibly BULLISH chart….

IPRU’s most recent Bullish run is nothing short of astonishing.

From Triple-Zero levels of .0002 in January to today’s price of .0017 – IPRU has certainly come a long way!

But could IPRU be ready to rise to the next level?

IPRU has now developed an impressive Bullish Trend which has held for over 2 months.

However, like kryponite, IPRU has failed to breach  .0017 after testing it over 12 times in the last month.

With all indicators now Bullish, we’ll be watching for a potential break of this key level to confirm a continuation to this trend.

On our side is who currently gives IPRU it’s top rating of STRONG BUY!  In addition, StockTA currently gives it a BULLISH overall rating!

IPRU (Innovative Product Opportunities, Inc.) is a research and product development firm specializing in interactive media products.  At the core is the company’s proprietary technology which turns ordinary surfaces into exciting self-motivated digital experiences.

IPRU brings static environments to life by enhancing existing infrastructure with interactive effects. The company can convert walls, floors, windows, and tables into a literal digital playground!

This allows IPRU to provide clients with a fresh new approach to delivering their messages and enhancing their brand through interactive multi-touch and even multi-user recognition – the more participants, the merrier!

But instead of trying to explain it, you can see it with your own eyes!  Click Play on the video below:

Did you see that?  IPRU has created video lighting for floors, walls, windows, displays, and more to react and animate to the user’s movements!  INCREDIBLE!

IPRO has absolutely taken touch to the next level.

Their core software, the heart of Imagin8, is a powerful and easy to use proprietary platform that allows it to simply track hand and body movement.

Think about all the concerts, nightclubs, broadway plays, retail stores, and  more that could use this technology!  The possibilities are ENDLESS!

In fact, I have personally seen this technology used at Muse concerts.  IPRU has already implemented it’s technology in a top Toronto nightclub that now has an interactive bartop and has tested it’s technology with a multi-platinum Grammy-award winning Artist!

IPRU is certainly not a company to simply rest on it’s laurels.
Earlier this month, IPRU announced a partnership with Lusens Inc. – a company specializing in many of the same technologies.  Check out Lusens’ amazing products, installations, and technologies HERE

Already this partnership appears to be paying off as the companies worked closely to deliver an Interactive Donor Recognition Wall to the Toronto Humane Society!

Amazing Technology, Growth, new partnerships, a Sub-Penny Pricetag, and a Bullish Chart….What’s not to love about IPRU?!

Make sure you put it on your screen RIGHT NOW and Follow on Twitter for all the Updates + Play-by-Play!

Good Trading,


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