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KAYS is our Huge New Cannabis Growth Pick of the Week! Read why this has 500%+ Potential…

Kaya Holdings

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Major developments are afoot in the wild world of Cannabis once again.

So if you missed the last Cannabis Stock rally…hold on tight!

With so much news coming out of our nation’s capital these days with impeachment this and “quid pro quo” that, you may have missed something that our politicians actually did RIGHT this week.

Just this week, the House Judiciary Committee passed a bill that aims to lift the Federal ban on weed!

The implications are downright HISTORIC.

Why is this such BIG News?  The legislation would remove marijuana from the federal list of controlled substances, thus allowing states to decide whether to legalize cannabis, giving banks the ability to offer credit cards and checking accounts to legal cannabis businesses, and making it easier to study any medicinal benefits of pot.

New Jersey Lawmakers are already foaming at the mouth from the prospect of big revenue dollars it could bring to the state.

Image result for marijuana industry growth chart

The Bill will head to the Senate next where we hope to see passage and an end to Cannabis Prohibition.

Needless to say, Cannabis Stocks across the board have been in rally mode this week.  But not all! Some have been criminally overlooked….

And one such Stock could be the next sleeper play to DOMINATE the Market…


KAYS (Kaya Holdings Inc.), through subsidiaries, produces, distributes or sells legal premium medical and recreational cannabis products, including flower, concentrates and oils, and cannabis-infused foods.

In 2014, KAYS, became the first publicly traded company to own and operate a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Since that time KAYS has expanded and presently operates four Kaya Shack OLCC licensed marijuana retail stores to service the legal medical and recreational marijuana market in Oregon.

And folks…business is BOOMIN!

Since it’s inception, KAYS has seen solid year-over-year Revenue Growth – raking in SEVEN FIGURES in 2018!

But the key thing here is that the company is also posting seven-figure PROFITS for the first time since they went public!


Well their oversight could our gain!  So let’s dig in….

It’s no surprise that KAYS has been the recipient of some Insane Rallies in the past.

What is surprising is that KAYS now trades at Historic Support levelsthe very same levels it has rallied from multiple times!

This is not an opportunity to take lightly.

With the industry on fire once again and KAYS doling out RECORD EARNINGS, it may only be a matter of time before we see another Breakout commence!  Check it out…

So whats the Upside Potential here?  A return to 2018’s highs of .31 could generate over 500% GAINS!

So is KAYS ready for the next level?  Read on….


Kaya Holdings, Inc. (KAYS) is an all-encompassing vertically-integrated legal cannabis enterprise that produces, distribute and/or sells premium Medical and Recreational Cannabis products.

The company’s products include Cannabis flower, concentrates, oils and extracts, cannabis-infused foods, CBD, topicals and cannaceuticals.

Under their Kaya Brands International Inc. subsidiary, KAYS operates a diverse portfolio of Brands in the space which include:

Kaya Shack™:  In 2014, KAYS became the first United States publicly traded company to own and operate a Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

They presently operate three Kaya Shack™ OLCC licensed marijuana retail stores to service the legal medical and recreational marijuana market in Oregon – one of which has a prime location next to a Starbucks!

KAYS maintains a genetics library of over 30 strains of cannabis and has also formulated various edibles, cannabis derivatives and marijuana cigarettes under Kaya owned brand names.

Oh, and did we mention Kaya Shack™ will also deliver!?

Kaya Farms™:  Based in Eugene, Oregon, KAYS 12,000 square foot indoor Grow, Processing & Cannaceutical Facility is the home of the company’s proprietary Kaya Farms™ strains of cannabis, which it grows and produces (together with edibles and other cannabis derivatives).

Capable of producing approximately 1,500 pounds of premium cannabis annually, the company also plans to use the space for production of oils, concentrates, extracts, edibles, and cannaceuticals.

KAYS also owns a 26-acre parcel in Lebanon, Linn County, Oregon which it intends to construct a 85,000-square foot Kaya Farms™ greenhouse cultivation and production facility. To date KAYS has received Linn County Zoning approvals and upon issuance of OLCC Licensing it will begin construction. The farm is intended for immediate development and provides the Company with a potential additional capacity of more than 100,000 pounds annually, to be expanded once export from Oregon to other U.S. States and foreign countries where cannabis use is legal is permitted.

As you’ve probably suspected, being the first publicly traded company to own and operate a Medical Marijuana Dispensary, KAYS is not a company to just sit on their laurels…

Brand and Product Development
Pending approval of our production and processing license, the Company has made advances in the development of its Kumba Extracts™, Syzygy Extracts™, Pakalolo Juice Company™ and Kaya Yums™ brands of extracts, oils, vape cartridges, beverages and a variety of edibles, respectively.

Upon successful completion of financing and licensing, KAYS intends to begin a multi-state rollout planned in 2020 to the extent permitted by U.S. legal infrastructure.

Franchising Kaya Shack™
It’s off to the Cannabis promised land for KAYS!

Back in March, KAYS announced that it has targeted Canada for its first international sale and operation of Kaya Shack™ cannabis store franchises via an agreement with The Franchise Academy (a leading Franchise Development and Sales Group that has successfully closed over 700 franchise agreements and leases across Canada).

As you likely know, Canada is the only G7 country that has legalized both medical and recreational cannabis production, sale and use on a national level.

The agreement targets 75-100 Kaya Shack™ Cannabis Retail locations throughout Canada through a multi-year structured rollout, subject to licensing and market conditions.


KAYS expects the franchise sale and placement effort throughout Canada to progress over the next 3-24 months while plans to ultimately expand its franchise operations to the U.S., when regulations and laws permit.

International Expansion into Greece & Israel
Did you really think KAYS was going to miss out on the massive opportunities in Europe?

KAYS recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding setting forth an agreement in principle for KBI to acquire a 50% ownership interest in Greekkannabis, PC – a Cannabis company based in Athens, Greece which has applied for and is awaiting issuance of a medical cannabis cultivation, processing and export license from the Greek government.

KAYS plans to establish its cannabis cultivation and processing facility on land already identified outside of Athens in a 125,000 square feet facility of light-deprivation greenhouse cultivation.

Each phase is expected to produce 93,600 pounds of premium medical cannabis, for an anticipated total project capacity of not less than 280,0000 pounds annually for distribution throughout Europe and other select markets!

KAYS also has plans to develop a branch of Kaya Farms in Israel to leverage KAYS Oregon cannabis experience with Israel’s leadership and expertise in the international medical cannabis industry.

There’s no downplaying this. This week’s news from Capital Hill could be MASSIVE both for the industry….and for KAYS.

As highlighted above several times, much of the company’s domestic expansion efforts hinge on full legalization in the US.

KAYS is positioning itself for U.S. legalization by establishing the Grow capacity for 100,000 pounds of premium cannabis annually, as well as by creating the retail footprint through franchising (which will be launched prior in Canada and eventually the US).

The presence in Canada and the ability to export cannabis into the EU from Greece and Asia from Israel, represent the cornerstones of KAYS’ growth plan.

Needless to say, this is a company who you could count on to keep those Revenues growing year-over-year!

So how could KAYS only be trading at a mere 5 CENTS!??!

We think Wall Street is about to get a major wake up call to this thriving and exciting Cannabis company….

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IPRU (Innovative Product Opportunities, Inc.) is our New Epic Pick!Last Trade: .0017  |  SEC Filings  |  Latest News

Begin your research at

Today we intend to close the month of March in a big way with what may be the most innovative Tech Sub-Pennies on the OTC markets today!

Touchscreen technology is no longer a “new thing”.  It’s everywhere from our smartphones and tablets to our laptop computers.  However, today’s alert is utilizing this technology in not only a unique and interactive way – but literally – in a BIG WAY. Introducing…IPRU!


IPRU has taken touch technology to the next level by successfully engaging consumers using much larger mediums such as floor screens, table tops and window displays.  The company currently claims resellers in 21 countries and names Disney, Sony, Guess and Mazda among some of their clients!

Sounds amazing right?  But equally amazing is IPRU’s incredibly BULLISH chart….

IPRU’s most recent Bullish run is nothing short of astonishing.

From Triple-Zero levels of .0002 in January to today’s price of .0017 – IPRU has certainly come a long way!

But could IPRU be ready to rise to the next level?

IPRU has now developed an impressive Bullish Trend which has held for over 2 months.

However, like kryponite, IPRU has failed to breach  .0017 after testing it over 12 times in the last month.

With all indicators now Bullish, we’ll be watching for a potential break of this key level to confirm a continuation to this trend.

On our side is who currently gives IPRU it’s top rating of STRONG BUY!  In addition, StockTA currently gives it a BULLISH overall rating!

IPRU (Innovative Product Opportunities, Inc.) is a research and product development firm specializing in interactive media products.  At the core is the company’s proprietary technology which turns ordinary surfaces into exciting self-motivated digital experiences.

IPRU brings static environments to life by enhancing existing infrastructure with interactive effects. The company can convert walls, floors, windows, and tables into a literal digital playground!

This allows IPRU to provide clients with a fresh new approach to delivering their messages and enhancing their brand through interactive multi-touch and even multi-user recognition – the more participants, the merrier!

But instead of trying to explain it, you can see it with your own eyes!  Click Play on the video below:

Did you see that?  IPRU has created video lighting for floors, walls, windows, displays, and more to react and animate to the user’s movements!  INCREDIBLE!

IPRO has absolutely taken touch to the next level.

Their core software, the heart of Imagin8, is a powerful and easy to use proprietary platform that allows it to simply track hand and body movement.

Think about all the concerts, nightclubs, broadway plays, retail stores, and  more that could use this technology!  The possibilities are ENDLESS!

In fact, I have personally seen this technology used at Muse concerts.  IPRU has already implemented it’s technology in a top Toronto nightclub that now has an interactive bartop and has tested it’s technology with a multi-platinum Grammy-award winning Artist!

IPRU is certainly not a company to simply rest on it’s laurels.
Earlier this month, IPRU announced a partnership with Lusens Inc. – a company specializing in many of the same technologies.  Check out Lusens’ amazing products, installations, and technologies HERE

Already this partnership appears to be paying off as the companies worked closely to deliver an Interactive Donor Recognition Wall to the Toronto Humane Society!

Amazing Technology, Growth, new partnerships, a Sub-Penny Pricetag, and a Bullish Chart….What’s not to love about IPRU?!

Make sure you put it on your screen RIGHT NOW and Follow on Twitter for all the Updates + Play-by-Play!

Good Trading,


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